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Humans and Gorillas:  The Harambe Tragedy. 

  Harambe, a 17-year-old male Western lowland gorilla (an endangered species with only about 175,000 left in the world), was shot to death on May 28 when a 3 year old boy fell 12 feet (seemingly without injury as he was … Continue reading

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Beating a Rabbit to Death in Denmark to Make a Point about Not Killing Animals?

    Asger Juhl, the host of a live radio show in Denmark, took an adorable floppy-eared baby rabbit (photo above) out of a box, petted the nine-week old with what appeared to be tenderness (audio was made available on … Continue reading

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Lanzmann on Human and Animal Suffering

How is it possible to be so sensitive to the suffering of Jews during the Holocaust and indifferent to animal suffering?  This is the question that kept coming up for me when I read Claude Lanzmann’s memoir:  The Patagonian Hare.  … Continue reading

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Ringling Brothers and Elephants

Today I published an opinion piece about this in the New York Daily News.  It has generated a lot of comment.  I would like to know  your opinion.  Here is the link: People care about elephants, with good reason. … Continue reading

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Are Dogs Uniquely Friendly?

Yes. I have always felt that dogs are our superior when it comes to lots of things, but the most important one is that they are more friendly, as a species, than humans are, as a species. I see evidence … Continue reading

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Pigeons and US

I told Nancy Miller, the editor-in-chief at Bloomsbury America “I want to write a book about pigeons.”  “Why,” she asked? “Because I want to know what they think of us.” “And do you?” “No.” “Well, then, it seems to me … Continue reading

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I Would Rather Have Been Born an Orca

    No kidding.  I really would.  What sets me off can be just about any account of an atrocity, because my first thought is:  no orca ever does this.  The latest was reading about the “desaparecidos” in Argentina during … Continue reading

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