Cold Blooded Murder of a Young Giraffe


I don’t like any zoo, but I am especially outraged by the action of the Copenhagen Zoo in Denmark on Sunday (February 9).  I am hardly alone:  More than 27,000 people signed a “save Marius petition,” when the zoo announced that zoo officials intended to kill the adorable and much-loved 18-month old Marius. Many thousands of other people around the world have taken to the Internet to express their sadness, their bewilderment, and their horror at this completely unnecessary, even ghoulish act.   It caused revulsion in most people who read about it.  It was an execution many noted.  The reason the zoo gave for killing Marius struck just about every ordinary person as bizarre:  He was killed because his genes were too similar to those of other zoo giraffes in a European breeding program.  “He cannot add anything further to the breeding programme that does not already exist,” a European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA) spokesman told BBC News.  The zoo called him a “surplus” giraffe.  If giraffes had human zoos, how many of us would be considered surplus?  Or genetically unnecessary?

Yorkshire Wildlife Park in the UK offered to take him in its “state-of-the-art giraffe house” alongside four other males, including one from Copenhagen Zoo, but their offer was refused.  A Dutch wildlife park also offered to re-home him, as did a Swedish zoo; a wealthy individual offered 500,000 euros to save his life.  Nope, said the officials, he had to be “sacrificed” and skinned, dissected, and fed to lions live on the Internet and in front of spectators at the zoo, including young children, so they could “learn about giraffes.”  Moreover Copenhagen Zoo couldn’t send Marius to an institution with “lesser standards of welfare.”  Right, that zoo might decide to let him live his full life of 26 years or more. 

 A veterinarian shot Marius with a rifle as leaned down to munch on rye bread, a favorite snack, being offered by his “trusted” keeper.  (I wonder how he will sleep tonight?)  It was the first time that the zoo dissected a giraffe:  “People are fascinated by it, both adults and children, and they would like to hear stories they normally don’t have access to. I think that’s good. It helps increase the knowledge about animals but also the knowledge about life and death,” said the scientific director of the zoo, Beng Holst.  What stories is he talking about?  The one where a human executes an innocent animal?  What knowledge did it increase?  That humans believe they have the right to kill any animal they wish?  What was the lesson?  The life of a giraffe is cheap?  “He was just a giraffe,” after all.  Not so.  He was a completely unique individual, different than any other giraffe who ever existed, exactly as is a human individual.  He had a life history, brief as it was, that was completely his own, as Tom Regan has often reminded us.  He was the subject of a truncated biography.  The scientific director also announced “If we’re serious about science, we can’t be led by emotion.”  Really?  Do we actually believe scientists have no emotions and make no decisions based on them?  If that is really so, isn’t it sad?  And what would it lead to?  Well, the decision to kill a perfectly healthy baby giraffe.  That’s the outcome when emotions are not involved.  Is that something we want to teach our children?

 Peter Sandoe, professor of bioethics [sic] at the University of Copenhagen, said he sympathized with the decision to put down the giraffe:  “When small children can go and see this giraffe and see it being turned into lion food, it’s a very good picture of what nature is like,” he said.  By this logic, small children should also see humans murder one another in war, as it’s a very good picture of what human nature is like. 

Look at the bigger picture, said the zoo authorities.  (Did Kant not say something important to the effect that the end does not justify the means?). 

Many zoo officials in other countries defended the killing by asking how many animals are “euthanized” every day for human food.  True, but that is nothing to be proud of, and more and more people are turning vegetarian, even vegan, every day.  I just hope this cruel act encourages even more.  I also hope it keeps people from visiting zoos.  They are nothing but glorified prisons.    

If I were a Dane I would never visit the Copenhagen Zoo again.  A boycott of the zoo might well be a good lesson for the zoo in human nature:  most of us do not like to see an animal murdered by the people who raised him, no matter what excuse they can come up with.  Nietzsche once asked if we could regard animals as moral beings.  He answered himself:  “Do you suppose that animals regard us as moral beings?”  Not the ones in the Copenhagen Zoo.


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144 Responses to Cold Blooded Murder of a Young Giraffe

  1. Lori says:

    So upsetting 😦 I don’t know how I’m going to sleep tonight as images of this sweet little face and then those of his dead body can’t escape my mind. I’m sure those at the zoo will sleep just fine! Makes me so sick!!

  2. Silva says:

    Thank you Jeffrey. So well said.

  3. risa m. mandell, lcsw says:

    the atrocity of this murderous betrayal highlights the evil of eugenics. moreover, “learning” about an embodied being from it’s corpse predates Freud. Authentic learning occurs through communicating within a relationship.

  4. Pamela (LadyLuz) says:

    Well said, Jeffrey. I agree with all you’ve said. It has been an inhumane, disgusting and revolting “solution”.

  5. Michaelb says:

    I can not help think there was an agenda we do not see when they turned down viable options. Where are they going to get a 500,000 Euro donation now?

  6. giri says:

    I was skimming through the news section in the wee hours after I just woke up. “The tragic death of one silly giraffe, Marius, has world in uproar” ( caught my attention. Honestly, the justifications the zoo authorities gave makes me want to throw up!! They cant get more disgusting than this. I have not doubted the presence some outrageous human specimens around us. But I cant seem to imagine what they will come up with next in the name of science.Was it on people’s calendar to take their kids to the zoo that horrible Sunday morning to show them how a baby animal is killed as he is fed his favourite food?? I seriously worry for the children who witnessed this gory killing.
    I am not visiting any zoo any more. Any where in the world. Ironically, the last time I went to a zoo in Mysore, I had come back completely smitten with a giraffe couple called Henry and Honey who had just had a baby.

  7. While I certainly do not approve of mass slaughter of animals for food either, what made the killing of the giraffe far more objectionable than this was that the keepers were in a relationship of trust, and that was betrayed.

  8. diana karrandjas says:

    What else should we expect from the country that kills the most pigs of any other! Shame, shame, shame on Denmark!

  9. diana karrandjas says:

    We have enslaved the rest of the animal creation, and have treated our distant cousins in fur and feathers so badly that beyond doubt if they were able to form a religion, they would depict the devil in human form.-William Ralph Inge , Outspoken Essays 1922

  10. brian cronin says:

    Thanks, Jeff, for weighing in on this unspeakable atrocity.

    A man is truly ethical only when he obeys the compulsion to help all life which he is able to assist, and shrinks from injuring anything that lives. -Albert Schweitzer

  11. squirrelady says:

    I am totally disgusted with this horrendous murder of such an innocent being. No different than the crucifixion of the beloved Christ. One would hope humans would have evolved in 2000 years… apparently not here at the Copenhagen Zoo.

  12. Monica U. Garcia says:

    The Copenhagen Zoo just made all of Denmark look like mindless, amoral savages.
    There is NO excuse for this barbarity.

  13. Hélène says:

    Shouldn’t we do something, like showing how many of us reject these actions and consider them a personal aggression ?
    Clearly, we are directly threatened, otherwise it wouldn’t have been made public. No newspapers talk about every truck full of hogs on the way to the slaughterhouse. Because we are to eat them. When people find out what’s behind the word ‘meat’, lots fall into a secret despair or escape in vegetarianism ; this publicity is not needed with ‘meat’. Therefore, here, it was necessary. What for ? Is it because we are not to eat “giraffes” (why these categories : animals for meat, animals for zoos ?), are we to be treated like them and should we start to get used to the idea ? I’m sure a lot of people understand or could understand what this massacre means – beyond the death of a sweet creature, the death of many more creatures of all kind, a criminal control of everyone to death. Shouldn’t we call others to stand against the order that makes it possible, shouldn’t we call others for rescue ?

    Shouldn’t we confront as a free group those who do these massacres and actions that make them possible, shouldn’t we confront their supporters too ? As a group, not as “silly marginalized people”. Nothing will be done for animals, humans and the place where we live as long as there will be a political hierarchy amongst living creatures.
    It would certainly make a difference to talk openly about this, the fact that culture has turned us into cowards and accomplices of crimes. Everybody knows by now, everybody pretends not to know, because they are too afraid and don’t see alternatives. To stop being criminals and liars, this is the alternative, a different culture, world, etc. We don’t even talk frankly !

    Couldn’t we start something here, like a description of what happened in the zoo at Copenhagen, and its purpose ; an agreement around its rejection now and tomorrow (and how would we manifest this rejection) ; and the information for people around each of us about the alternative to this way of living (and what would it be).

    I don’t know : something ! We can’t just keep on watching, saying “Awful” and going back to whatever we are doing !

  14. JudahFirst says:

    When I read this: “The scientific director also announced “If we’re serious about science, we can’t be led by emotion.” Really? Do we actually believe scientists have no emotions and make no decisions based on them? If that is really so, isn’t it sad? And what would it lead to?” the first thought that popped into my head was “Soilent Green”! Thanks for this post. I don’t watch the news and had no idea this was happening! Terrible!

  15. Correct me if I’m wrong, but is not a zoo’s mandate to protect animals so that we so called superior creatures can learn? I’m with micaelb. Which institution would turn down offers of 500K Euros? Something most rotten in Denmark!

  16. Elena Falletti says:

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  17. Mikkel F says:

    As you mention EAZA also have a part here, it’s their breeding programme after all. If you disagree with the breeding programme, attacking Copenhagen Zoo + Denmark and sending personal attacks after Bengt Holst is not the way to go, attack the breeding programme:

    As for not giving the giraffe to the Swedish zoo it’s based on that the Swedish zoo did not want to agree on how the animal should be treated at their zoo and I would guess the same goes for the individual and his 500k euros. If Copenhagen Zoo cannot be sure the giraffe will be treated well, I think the best solution is to end his life. Rather a short but good life than a long bad life IMO. Also, whatever shortcomings Marius would have at his next destination would fall back on Copenhagen Zoo and go against the rules of EAZA.
    After all, EAZA is an organization of hundreds of Zoos and Wild Parks across Europe with many animal experts. That doesn’t mean they cannot be wrong, but personal attacks like death threats do nothing to improve this situation, what is needed here is a discussion based on facts and ethics.

    I can easily agree that Zoos should not exist in the first place, they are but a bandaid on bigger issues like deforestation and poaching. However, as long as we cannot fix those issues I think Zoos and the shortcomings of Zoos are a necessary evil.
    Unlike circus and slaugtherhouses, at least Zoos bring research and education. That does not excuse the Zoos, but I still think it makes Zoos a lesser evil compared to how most human-controlled animals are treated. The massive focus on Marius does not reflect the world situation at all IMO, billions of animals have had a shorter and worse life than he had.

    diana karrandjas: China and US has a MUCH larger production of pigs than Denmark has. China has about half a billions pigs versus about 25-30m in Denmark.

    • diana karrandjas says:

      Since you are so clever, F, compare the size of US to that of tiny Denmark!
      Presumably you are a Dane and PROUD of it; it is a country I shall never visit!

      • emilkistrup says:

        Yeah, fuck Denmark right? Fuck those people, who produce food for the people. I assume you’re one of those Americans, where deciding what pairs of shoes to wear at tonight’s party, is one of your biggest daily problems. You should try to look at the world around you in a more realistic way. Oh, and “shame on you Denmark”? As I still assume you’re American, America must be a much better place to live. You know, no free educations, healthcare and so on. Must be nice.

        I’m a Dane, and I’m proud of it. Even though I’m not comfortable with the killing of Marius, the zoo was still just doing their job, and following the rules. But really, people like you judging a whole country for its production of meat and a case where a zoo killed a giraffe? Holy Moses, you must have a lot of friends.

      • Mikkel F says:

        So? That’s still not what you said.

        Furthermore, most of the pork is exported which leads to a IMO much more interesting statistic: Which countries eat the most meat per citizen?:
        As you can see on the map, US, Austria, Luxembourg New Zealand and Australia are taking the lead with US as the “winner”.

    • Totally agree! It was not a decision the zoo undertook lightly. They considered every option and unfortunately euthanasia was the best solution to ensure he endured a high standard of care throughout his (albeit short) life.

  18. So glad this horrific act has been highlighted on WordPress. Would love to meet the child who said “Well gosh, I really learned so much from that barbaric murder” (Like it would ever happen)

  19. ebuvette says:

    It honestly made me feel sick. I hate zoos. Once I saw the animals run free in Africa it makes the zoos more obnoxious to me. Ethics, as a philosophical topic of discussion, is very interesting to me. The morality of killing the young giraffe is beyond. Aren’t there refuges that could have taken him???


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  22. Its So Cruel….To Take A Life…A Zoo In England Was Prepared To Take it.

  23. ashleyd9992 says:

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    This is just so well said.
    RIP baby Marius

  24. nikkiharvey says:

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    I tried to put together a post on this but I just couldn’t work out where to start so here’s a post by jeffreymasson. I couldn’t have put it better myself.

  25. nikkiharvey says:

    I couldn’t have put it better myself so I stopped trying and reblogged this over on 🙂

  26. elmernajera says:

    Omg how could they the poor giraffe 😧

  27. kimi76 says:

    Doesn’t make sense. Why didn’t they just neuter him? I know, not everyone agrees with that practice either (and I don’t want to engage in a debate of sterilizing animals), but it seems to me this would have been less cruel then killing the young giraffe and feeding it to the lions.

  28. dounyd says:

    When i was younger, a kid, i used to like going to zoos because of those beautiful animals which a could see there, but now I´m so disappointed what´s happening all around the world in zoo reservations. Human cruelty only makes me feel sad. There should not exist such things like zoos where they only capture animals and keep them away from their natural habitat. And then these animals only suffer and for what? To make us happy? Many people think that when animals are in zoos they are out of danger, but that´s not true. There they only get hurt much more as we can see in this case…… So what is it good for?

  29. cacarothers says:

    This egregious act is just one example of what shapes the horrible, twisted, dark side of human nature. We are a species thanks to an ape that got lucky. What if that ape hadn’t, but another animal had? That could very well be one of us that were euthanized for lion food because of our genetics.

  30. Such a poignant article. Well done. I’ve been upset about this since I first read about it. And just like the poor dogs in Sochi, there is not enough coverage of these awful things.

  31. nightsys says:

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    Such a sad day for this earthling… I’m ashamed to be human in times like these.

  32. This is so cruel and sad !

  33. thegreatpeji says:

    Humans are disgusting. Such barbaric creatures.

    • Lori says:

      To add to this horrific story, the lions that ate the meat have since been killed as well!! This zoo needs to be shut down and send remaining animals to a sanctuary to live out their natural lives without fear of being killed!!

  34. Horrible story. I wouldn’t want my children to witness something like that at a trip to the zoo.

  35. Healthy Harriet says:

    Apart from the horrible killing, I really dont understand the public carving of the body and feeding to the lions….how the heck was that educational?????????????????????????????????????

  36. I was discussing this with some friends yesterday afternoon. It’s so horrible. I can’t believe they were dumb enough to do such a thing. They must have some sadists running that zoo or something, because no normal person would commit such a horrible crime!

  37. kleffvicc says:

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  38. Humans can be so evil. The murder of this poor animal is horrific. And I can’t understand how parents could allow their children to watch the horror unfold. I just can’t understand that! Zoo’s (and the like) are prisons for animals. The animals on this planet are NOT human property. They are not here for us to eat, or cage, or do experiments (for the sake of science) on. I thank you for blogging about this story. People need to take the time to learn the truths behind the zoos and the sea worlds among us. They are not friendly animal loving places. They are after $$$ and that is it. The well being of those animals simply aren’t on the forefront of their minds. Look at the big picture. Look at the murder of the giraffe. Therein lies the motives behind these institutions.

  39. qpillowcase says:

    It’s the same as murdering a child.


    I already knew people were ignorant, but the fact that they can’t see that just because giraffes don’t look like us, they can’t see that giraffes also have families, also have friends and feelings ; it’s completely the same fricking thing, and I don’t understand why humans feel like they have the power to kill WHENEVER THEY FUCKING FEEL LIKE IT

    18 MONTHS OLD. 18 MONTHS. WHO SAID THAT IF YOU GIVE HIM A NAME IT MAKES HIM HARDER TO KILL? it was obviously easy enough for these idiots.

  40. jdenton545 says:

    This is a wonderful article. I was outraged when I heard about this. Thank you for sharing more information. I can’t believe after all the offers to save his life they still killed him. It’s extremely upsetting.

  41. I empathize with you and the people who left comments on your blog. I am against cruelty towards any living being. I just wish that the world would be equally outraged against the killing of the innocence, i.e abortions.

  42. poeticfury77 says:

    Such a senseless act, sad and barbaric.

  43. Java Girl says:

    I too was horrified when I read this story on my twitter feed a few days ago. I’m glad you wrote about it.

  44. rach900 says:

    Disgusting why should humans play god!

  45. segmation says:

    This is really sad news. Shame on them!

  46. Claudia Wood says:

    Reblogged on, this article is so well written. I was disgusted and saddened to hear this news. I for one, will never be visiting Copenhagen Zoo and possibly not even Denmark.

  47. Gry Ranfelt says:

    I don’t really get the fuss. thousands of pigs, hens and cows are killed each day and live horrid lives.

    • I agree. And what about all the innocent animals killed during hunting season? Do they not matter?

      • Gry Ranfelt says:

        I’m not sure I quite agree on hunting season. In Denmark deer get quite overpopulated. if we don’t take some out they’ll starve to death. So instead, we might as well get some venison stew :3 There’s nothing wrong with animals being hunted down by a predator, and there’s nothing wrong with that predator being us.
        What IS wrong is us shoving animals into tight, crowded spaces, feeding them stuff that they weren’t supposed to eat and that KILLS THEM IN THE LONG RUN (the wheat fed to pigs create holes in their intestines – apparently they’re very intolerant to gluten and such) and then serving those animals to people, telling them it’s healthy.
        But there’s nothing healthy about a corn-fed chicken.

  48. This is so sad… If only we could show those people how it feels to be that giraffe. 😦

  49. Copenhagen? Them? I was just reading about Copenhagen! How evil…

  50. winedho7 says:

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    Artikel berisi pengetahuan di kebun binatang

  51. I was outraged when I first heard about this. The zoos reasons were completely stupid. I read one article that said that even if they neutered him and let him live in the zoo, he’d be a waste of valuable space. So if I decide to get my tubes tied at some point, do I become a waste of space too?

    They could’ve sent him to another zoo, to avoid inbreeding. And I heard from a coworker that some other facility even offered money to the zoo for Marius. Such a cruel act and I hope they get what’s coming to them.

  52. It was a giraffe not a human life. Killing and dissecting the giraffe in front of young children may have been a bit much but it’s a giraffe. Not a baby or a teenager but a creature of nature. He died today and another will die tomorrow. Sad to say bit that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

  53. Fran Hogan says:

    I can only hope that all funding and support for this zoo is withdrawn and that the ignorant people who made the decisions to kill the animal AND to deny him a life in some other place will NEVER be employed by any entity involving animals. I will do whatever I can to that end.

  54. worzelodd says:

    That Giraffe belonged in the wild,. thanks, some young kids here recently dissected a Cougar in class that had been shot after killing a goat. What can be learned from partially digested goat? Or lions eating a meal they did not hunt down? What utter crap, my dear…

  55. Phil says:

    This saddens me greatly.

  56. I would think it’d be illegal to refuse to let the young one live.

  57. V.L.M. says:

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    My heart is breaking.

  58. godtisx says:

    Thank-you for writing about this. The more people who express outrage, getting the word out, the better. Obviously, those who put this animal down will never see the basics of what is wrong with this decision (nor those who support this). Really glad so many voices raised in opposition and disgust, it’s really important these be heard too. Maybe the next time a zoo like this is up for such a decision, the bad press will give them pause…

  59. Kimberly Mason says:

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    I am not a vegetarian or vegan, and have even once worked in a chicken factory for one summer, but I agree that this was wrong. The giraffe had done nothing to deserve to be put down. I love zoos and it makes me angry, disappointed, and sad that a owner of a zoo would willingly kill an innocent animal just for the fun of “science”. What did they need to know about the insides of a giraffe? Nothing, apparently, if they were just cutting it up to feed to lions. I believe children should have been able to see the giraffe playing and living its life. I work at a rape crisis/child advocacy center and I can attest that children have enough pain in their lives that they don’t need to see more death and destruction. The human race is becoming immune to disasters and compassion.

  60. incaunipocrit says:

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  61. hedroneboy says:

    This is seriously insane!!! This proves that

  62. hedroneboy says:

    This proves that the Copenhagen Zoo is no more better than the secret genetic projects the military performs as seen in movies.They just experiment with different subjwcts and ifcthey r imperfect or too normal they feed them to the lions!!! I ask a question to the zoo-How u people lost ur humanity???

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    This made me sad. 😐

  64. pickledwings says:

    Obviously EAZA needs to rework their breeding program so that just because an animal offers nothing new genetically to the gene pool of its own kind in the most immediate zoos it does not mean that the animal gets the label “surplus” stuck on it and seen as disposable. Does every animal born in European zoos actually have to be a contributing member of that breeding program? It would be grossly irresponsible and short sighted if that were the case.

    Did the giraffe need to stay in Europe? Are their not international programs out there for zoos on different continents to exchange and relocate animals? I’m sure I’ve seen such on documentaries and read of such in a variety of places.

    Particularly troubling to me in the article is this statement:

    “Many zoo officials in other countries defended the killing by asking how many animals are “euthanized” every day for human food.”

    That these “zoo officials” so horrifically out of touch with what zoos are ostensibly for, that being education, that they can’t see that animals in a zoo and animals raised for food are light years apart is inexcusable! Food animals are domesticated, specifically bred for human consumption and are about as far departed from their wild ancestors because of that breeding as you could imagine. Zoo animals, on the other hand are bred to keep the wild appearances and keep the marks of domestication out of the animal.

    If these “zoo officials” can find it within themselves to make such a blatant apples to oranges comparison, they should perhaps be considering a career change away from animals.

    I won’t let his incident colour my views of anything else Danish or keep me from visiting Copenhagen or any other place in Denmark, but the Copenhagen zoo has definitely been struck off any travel itinerary I may come up with regarding the country.

  65. otimetot says:

    Please, ship our animals back to our jungles or parks instead of murdering them in cold blood. Stupid.

  66. otimetot says:

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    Avaaz, do something. This broad day murder of an giraffe is criminal and inhumane. Sue the zoo for murder, recklessness and I motional wreak to children, adults. Now.

  67. psychodoodle says:

    It was truly a terrible thing they did. Even worse is knowing that people just watched and let it happen.

  68. raigenosophy says:

    I can say that from working in a zoo, not all zoos are like that. I am horrified by the actions of this zoo, but alot of zoos actually care about their animals. Believe me, theyre not prisons because the animals I worked with were very comfortable, happy, and it was a very educational and safe environment. You cant claim that all zoos are the same after seeing the actions of just one zoo. The zoo I worked at just gained a baby giraffe a couple months ago and we plan to keep him healthy and happy, and the keepers will put forth their best efforts to take care of the new baby, as with all the animals.

  69. cassidy4life says:

    this is one of many examples how humans are the most cruelest species. Ashamed of these people

  70. kaymkay says:

    This entire situation disgusted me. I find it completely immoral.

  71. An absolute and total disgrace. Shame on them and should never have happened!!!!

  72. Nathan says:

    I am a biology student here in the US. Lets look at the argument of genetic variability within the European zoo system. This is a huge thing in biology. If a species has low genetic variability, it can be extremely dangerous. Low genetic variability leads to genetic diseases that can weaken the species as a whole and can lead to a population decline.

    Lets look at why they did not ship it somewhere else. 1- its expensive, 2- they have to ship it to an accredited system I assume. I don’t think it looks good on a zoo when they begin selling animals on the exotic animal market. 3-going back to genetic variability if the zoo starts shipping their animals to places where the animals are all brothers and sister cousins, now you have inbreeding which is bad.

    I will agree that cutting it up infront of the public was a bad idea. I thing that would not done properly. It could have been a good learning moment for biology students in the area to do a dissection on an animal that is not the norm.

    Feeding it to the lions… Lions are wild animals, giraffes are wild animals. They interact with each other in the wild. so feeding it to them, not an issue. frankly the lions probably could have caught the giraffe if it was in the wild and killed it there.

    Zoo’s can make mistakes this could have been one. But they do have a purpose. Zoos are good for makeing sure species do not go extinct like the amour leopard, California condors, tigers and such. They educate people about animals so that they can make a connection so that they can have knowledge to take action and protect species. people need to stop blinding themselves by their own beliefs and demonize organization that do have good purposes.

    • profon says:

      It was a good learning experience for the children. On the videos they look very interested. The giraffe was killed anyway. Why not add some good education on top?

  73. murmoor says:

    I have been thinking about this and i think the guy from the Zoo must be sick. And i am wondering how many ‘sick’ people in the world work at the places and they are waiting for opportunities like this. It must be pleasure for them or otherwise I CAN’T explain this behavior to myself.

  74. Michael Lane says:

    Great post, thank you. Not only was this a savage, immoral act, but there is not even any logic whatsoever in carrying out in the first place–their reasoning, as you point out, is absolutely bizarre, even insane… but perhaps this will help people look at zoos a bit closer, and see what a bad idea they are in the first place. Thanks for the post 🙂

  75. W. Basket says:

    Didn’t the Nazis partially base their slaughter on eugenics and the inferiority of their victim’s genes? Perhaps danish society is “evolving” to where it soon will be possible to dispose of “surplus” danes with suspect genes, the old, the infirm.

  76. Beautifully and truthfully written tragic sad I’m ashamed to be part of the human race

  77. dreamLife says:

    This is so sad instead of killing the giraffe why don’t they just give it away

  78. The day human beings stop acting like they are in the top of the food chain, that is the day where “zoo-ethincs” exist. Thus, finding the charm and love for nature. Just because it is an animal doesn’t give anybody the right to take his life, not even the giraffes innocence saved his life. How far can we go? What are we teaching the future generations? Maybe now, they don’t realize just for the love of the show, but later they’ll realize how cruel and raw human beings can be. It is so embarrassing!

  79. I just stumbled upon this article and there are no words for how saddened, disgusted and outraged I am! I am just in shock! That poor baby giraffe. He loved and trusted those monsters who called themselves his caretakers. I once thought about visiting Denmark but no more! Clearly they have no morals and ethics. Definitely something rotten in the state of Denmark! I dont even know if I will be able to sleep tonight as all I can picture is this sweet baby giraffe and the horror on the faces of those children! SICKENING!

  80. This debacle is really outrageous, but I no more link it to the people of Denmark than I do the invasion of Libya to people in the EU or the US. This has for sure undone the UK’s love affair with BORGEN and Denmark for the time being, however. This is such a scary return to form with eugenics. -tarotworldtour

  81. pseudophun says:

    This was so awful…

  82. directpaybiz01 says:


  83. atkinsonjw3 says:

    Very well said and thank you for putting it out there!

  84. My husband hate all the ZOO’s, and after what happen to Marius I hate them too.

  85. jasmineelow says:

    Reblogged this on .

  86. Marie Anne says:

    Such a well-written piece. So glad to see this on Freshly Pressed, too. I was dumbfounded that they turned down numerous offers to take the giraffe off their hands, and insisted on this stunt. It was very childish. As though their attitude was, “We can do this, so we will.” Especially doing it in front of families and children, and broadcasting it on the internet. That was just downright disturbing.

  87. Val Yianni says:

    I hate how they blame the scientists and the giraffes genes!! I have a degree in molecular geneticist and I can tell you that there is not logic behind this!! If we were to follow that logic doctors would be killing one of two twins at birth, after all their DNA is the same, they have nothing extra to offer to the “human gene pool”.

    Whatever the director of the zoo is saying about teaching lessons and what not are all poor, well polished, unjustified excuses and we all know it! The real reason was money (obviously!), they could have castrated him (not that I agree with castration), but that would require money and also facilities for him to heal afterwards. Transporting him anywhere else would also require money and huge stacks of bureaucracy, so why not get rid of the headache, kill him and also feed some lions in the process.

  88. Oh no, a giraffe being killed, studied, and eaten made the news. Let’s freak out and make the guy who answered the tough questions the bad guy because it was entirely his choice. This happens far more regularly than most of you could handle. It’s simply usually behind closed doors. And yes, if you eat meat, you’re a hypocrite.

    To the writer.
    While I disagree with your stance whole-heartedly, it was a good rant, well written. You do a good job getting your point across.

  89. Spider says:

    This should never have happened, and must never be allowed to happen again! As an animal lover, the death of Marius saddens and sickens me to the core. I was not aware that other zoos had offered to rehome him, and I am really struggling to understand why this wasn’t allowed to take place. This whole thing really makes me concerned for the direction and ethics of humanity, where the cold blooded slaying of a beautiful animal, is treated as a spectacle, education and entertainment. Our treatment of animals as a whole is the true mark of our deepest nature, and that is a frightening and worrisome thought indeed.

  90. Well said. Saddens me that a beautiful spirit was killed because he was deemed “unnecessary”, a waste of space. What it all boils down to is money, plain and simple.

  91. Reblogged this on randomransoms's Blog and commented:

  92. kittery says:

    Thank you. I didn’t know anything about this until I found your blog in the Freshly Pressed section. You’re right, the whole situation was bizarre…I ended up writing my second ever blog post about it, in an attempt to wrap my head around it. Perhaps you’d check it out?

  93. nikstar01 says:

    This was the most cruel act I’ve ever witnessed in the treatment of animals. Yes your right, however I would say they need to take action a step further in closing the Zoo and confiscating all the animals to be re-housed at more animal friendly Zoo’s in Europe. To feed the giraffe to the Lions was a step too far. Brutality has no place in animal welfare. My children were left aghast when we saw the news. They simply could not comprehend such a disregard for animal welfare.

  94. Deedie says:

    How horrific and what a scary place. I wonder how many children they traumatized that day? Incredibly sadistic & irresponsible!

  95. moongeh says:

    How disgraceful of that zoo. Shame on them!

  96. Zizi says:

    Perhaps the influence of the Nazi concept of “ayrian superiority” through breeding, is still alive and well in Denmark!
    “In 2003, in a speech for the 60th anniversary of the end of the 1940–43 collaborationist government, Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen said that Denmark’s cooperation with Nazis was “morally unjustifiable”, which was the first public condemnation of the World War II era Danish leadership by a Danish leader.”

  97. Sadly, before too long the confines of a zoo is the only place where some animals will be able to exist. So I think this episode with Marius is tragic and doesn’t bode well for the future. Why can’t we just share this planet with other species?

  98. jdebat says:

    Reblogged this on and commented:
    The horrifying, barbaric actions of the Copenhagen Zoo

  99. Jojo says:

    “By this logic, small children should also see humans murder one another in war, as it’s a very good picture of what human nature is like.”

    Can’t be anymore true!! I agree with that over 100%. I can’t believe they are taking animals for granted. What made them start a zoo anyway? ARGHHHHHH….

  100. Jojo says:

    Reblogged this on the wobbly way of life and commented:
    I originally had been preparing a post, but not after coming across this. If you didn’t know, animals have a way with my heart, and reading THIS made me so furious! I thought zoos were meant to be places to protect animals so that others can learn more about them without risking their lives in the wild! This…this is not what it should’ve been. I’m so upset…

  101. thomastryon says:

    Unfortunately this betrayal of trust is what happens in organic and small farms. One day the nonhuman animal slave who has learned to trust the human “caregiver” runs to them and is murdered, just like Marius. All of it sickens me. Rest Marius and all other animal slaves who have died in anonymity, rest and guide us to make compassionate choices.

  102. haridasgowra says:

    It,s a very nice picture! pleasent intro!
    interesting to read this! Visiting zoosssss and enyoy

  103. very well work done…keep going…i liked it…its nice…as am a new blogger in this world and i wrote just 1 blog (story) ( and unable to find my viewer as like you, can u please help me by reading my 1st blog what wrong with my writing…is really something wrong with my writing or am just expecting too early…your helpful comments will really inspire me… and please follow me…

  104. natalialing says:

    Very well said. IT is such a horrible sight what the zoo did…

  105. linguadegato says:


  106. linguadegato says:

    Reblogged this on língua de gato and commented:
    Bem coisa do Ser Humano….

  107. lunix1583 says:

    I’d like to point out that the Wildlife Park in the UK did offer, but they weren’t refused, the zoo in Denmark never replied.

    Also, on a seperate note, whilst the actual act of this was done in the wrong way, animals in zoos are euthanised across the world all the time. This one was no different.

    Some zoo’s are not managed in the right way, however there is plenty of good that zoos do for animals, they are not just there for “education” or money.

    Really wish people wouldn’t listen to the media so much.

  108. No animal should have to suffer..
    Green 400 Magazine gives a voice to those who cannot speak, and this is especially true for animals and their freedoms..

  109. Reblogged this on Green 400 Magazine Presents….. and commented:
    No animal should have to suffer..
    Green 400 Magazine gives a voice to those who cannot speak, and this is especially true for animals and their freedoms..

  110. This was just a disgusting action on the part of humankind. Humans can be so evil towards animals that it breaks your heart. Devastating.

  111. johnkrank says:

    I can’t believe this. It just disgusts me. I mean, yeah, killing a pig or a cow or a chicken is one thing, but a giraffe!? Now, I’m not justifying the mass slaughtering of innocent animals, that just isn’t right. But now we are slaughtering giraffes!? And then to feed this poor animal to another one in front of a crowd! Yes, in the wild animals eat each other. But this captive lion has plenty to eat. That is if the zoo owners are willing to pay a little money feed their animal that is relying on them for survival. Well, maybe this zoo was running out of money. So that’s an excuse to sacrifice a living creature? Because you want less expensive lion food? And then they go and try to justify this despicable act by saying they wanted to educate children about giraffes. It sickens me to think about. But worst of all, this baby giraffe was perfectly healthy. Sometimes you kill an animal to put it out of its misery. But they killed this one because it wasn’t “unique” enough. Of course it was unique! There was never another giraffe that was just like it. Is the only reason that giraffes exist is to add a new gene to the “breeding gene pool”? I think I may go throw up. And become a vegan while I’m at it. I am disgusted.

  112. notesofabooklover says:

    Well said! I wholeheartedly agree with you! I can’t believe in the zoo’s justifications — to kill a giraffe because his genes has nothing to add to the pool and the killing is needed as education to the public?! Wth? It MIGHT be ethical to kill a dying giraffe in the name of putting him out of his misery but it’s not ethical to kill a healthy giraffe for such reasons when there are other zoos and people willing to take the giraffe in and even pay for him! Copenhagen zoo is being unnecessarily cruel and inhumane!

  113. Heather says:

    Utterly disgusting. Surprised this happened in Copenhagen.

  114. brian cronin says:

    And the unspeakably unethical Copenhagen Zoo continues to murder its children while deflecting responsibility to EAZA:

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